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The Thief Among Us

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Alpha Desmond
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Alpha Desmond

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Wolf Information
Gender: Male
Age: 5 Years Old
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PostSubject: The Thief Among Us The Thief Among Us Icon_minitimeDecember 19th 2014, 08:50

Name: Desmond

Gender: Male

Age: 5 Years

Pack: Rogue

Rank Requested: None

The most notable feature of this male would be his size. He is a rather large wolf, capable of taking down even the most sizable of foes. Through his thick coat, his large muscles can bee seen with ease along his legs and shoulders. He is fit to the maximal prime setting any loner wolf should be at. He has large ears which are normally set to the top most forward position. Along with his abnormal size, he has an abnormal eye color of emerald green. His eyes are gorgeous and captivating in the best way possible. His coat is beautiful in its own right. Mostly brown, he has white features to his muzzle and underbelly. He has dark colored lines beneath his eyes, making them look even more dashing than if they had not been there. The fur on his ears are dark, creating an outline around the peaks. His claws are of normal length and black. Standing at full height he is 86 cm. With the change of the seasons, his coat is known for becoming lighter or darker.


The Thief Among Us OoXxSE


To know the story of the thief, one must also know the story of the way he became what he is now know as. Altair was a proud wolf, but he lived a very life. He was once a Warrior, strong and independent, but one night it all changed. A murderer came to their lands, stole their faes and killed their Alpha. His coat was black as tar, but his eyes were burning bright green. He was a figure of something from nightmares. He struck over the land, and left it almost bare. Most of their males had been killed or swore their lives to his cause. At this time, he was just a young wolf. He knew what he had to do. It was either die in the woods by himself, or join the cause. So reluctantly, he allied himself with the band of thieves. For months, he almost starved himself by the paws of the pack. He was not trusted and forced to train relentlessly. When he was finally an accepted member of the pack, he started to grow in wit and skill. Through the months, he started to watch the pack perform their acts of malice, and he started to realize what was going on. As pups filled the pack, they were forced through the same rigorous training he had been engrossed with. He watched as they were forced to train and grow. One pup in particular held his attention, a complete black one with silver eyes. Soon as their one year was up, the pups were forced to kill one another. Altair could not watch such a thing, and so he fled. He left the lands and headed for another pack.

It took months to find one and when he did, they were skeptical of him. The new pack had heard of the band of thieves, the things they did and wondered if he was the same. But Altair had never done any of those things. Immediately, he was labeled an Omega and forced to live such a life. He hated it. The once noble Warrior was now forced to live among the dirt and filth of the pack. He thought about leaving the pack, but once he saw the Alphess of the pack, he never wanted to leave. At first, she paid him no mind, ignoring his existence. But one evening he brought her a gift, directly to her spot as she stood by the waters and peered out over them. She looked to him and then to his gift.  A slight smile played across her muzzle and her heart broke down the barriers slowly. In the autumn season, he knew she would be going into heat soon with the next passing month. It was during this time, he had decided to take a risky step towards a better life. If not for him, then for the lineage he wanted to have. Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned into a month. The Alphess and her admirer snuck out of pack lands several nights, just to be with one another. And when the winter came and her heat began, they consummated their love together and she became pregnant with his young. Instead of going through the heartache of telling her mate that she no longer loved him, or wished to be with him, they forged a plot in which Altair would steal her from the pack and they would run away together, making a pack of their own.

As they made their getaway, none of the wolves knew. But in the morning, they would discover a scuffle which led to the Alphess' disappearance. Once far from the lands they once knew as home, the Omega became and Alpha himself. In the spring their litter was born and he alone fed the Alpha pair. He was alright with that, wanting his mate to recover and become strong once more. And she did. She and the pups gained their strength and the litter was named Connor, Marcus, Ezio, and Desmond. Desmond was considered the runt of the litter upon being born. But as the boys grew, it was evident they would all be very large sized wolves. The pups grew and started to come out of their shells and show their own personalities. Ezio was the most direct in his approach to kill. He loved to kill anything that got in his way, from gophers, rabbits, to even squirrels. Connor was more of a follower, always copying everything Ezio did. Marcus was not interested in any of that mess, he would rather gather herbs with his mother and learn things about healing. Desmond, however, was a little more sneaky in his ways. Instead of hunting for himself, he would steal the kills of his brothers. He was very tricky in this matter, as he would trick them into going for a larger kill, while he stole the already dead prey. He did this numerous times and found it quite funny that they constantly fell for it. It was true that Desmond was the smartest of the bunch. No wolf could compare to his intellect, especially none from his litter.

Over the next few years, their numbers grew. They accepted more and more wolves inside the pack, allowing the pups to meet new wolves as well. Desmond became an outcast. Some wolves made fun of the ways he got his food. They chastised and berated him, claiming him to be a "bitch". They said he was more of a fae than a Hunter or even a Warrior. So to fight their words and statements, he began to train himself, listening to the commands of his father. He trained relentlessly, day and night. He got to the point where he became a ruthless killer. He killed everything like his brother, didn't matter what it was. He killed small deer, medium deer, and anything smaller than those animals. He forced his way through the ranks with dignity and poise. His skills surpassed all that came before him. Before long, he was the right paw to his father. His siblings despised him for it. Why had Desmond been chosen above them? Connor had been especially furious with this decision. He challenged his brother for a duel. The winner would be the Beta and the loser would either be dead or severely injured. Altair was immediately against this idea, not wanting harm to come to either of his young. But in the end, the boys would do as they wished. They fought for what seemed like forever. When the battle was over, Desmond had many wounds, but his brother's life was done for. He bled out on the pack floor. The eyes of the pack were all on him, and he knew it would never change. His father's eyes were filled with hatred for Desmond, as he looked from his living son, and his now deceased one. Before anyone could say anything, Desmond turned his back on everyone and deserted his pack. He swore to himself that he was ever going to be in another pack, he would be the one leading it.

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Wolf Information
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PostSubject: Re: The Thief Among Us The Thief Among Us Icon_minitimeDecember 20th 2014, 08:29

The Thief Among Us R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, feel free to roam the neutrals and cause havoc!


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The Thief Among Us

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