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Chiara's Plots

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Alphess Chiara
Alphess Chiara

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PostSubject: Chiara's Plots Chiara's Plots Icon_minitimeJanuary 29th 2015, 19:53


Pups-Piper, Aspen, Ciro, Willow
Friends-Juno, Cliche, Tye
Those she "tolerate"-Fel (open for any who wish)
Allies-Malfurion (open to any who want to apply)
Trainee-Malfurion, (open for two spots for "unique" training)

~Special Plots~

A special trainee to bounce training ideas off of. Mainly someone who excels in attack for Chia to learn from and in return she shall teach some defense moves as payment.

Chiara wishes to give Magnus a gift, a special gift. She requires the aide of a hunter or two to help her retrieve the pelt of a large buck that she's seen grazing in the hunting meadow. She wants to give it to him for their den.

While out patrolling Chiara falls down a gorge and cuts open her side on a jagged rock. She will need the help from a healer to mend herself. While in the healing den this may open up a potential friendship with the healer.

To apply please post below with your character and what position they would like from the open ones listed above, also include why your wolf would be the best choice. Your replies from myself will be PMed to you.


Chiara's Plots QKjiVh7
Made By: Elder Azul
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PostSubject: Re: Chiara's Plots Chiara's Plots Icon_minitimeJuly 26th 2015, 22:52

Hunter Drake
Drake enjoys hunting quite a bit so he would gladly help Chiara in getting a buck pelt. At the same time he could possibly become somebody that Chiara can "tolerate"
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Chiara's Plots

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