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Azrael The Sinister

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Warrior Azrael
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Warrior Azrael

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Wolf Information
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Purchases: XL - 94cm

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PostSubject: Azrael The Sinister Azrael The Sinister Icon_minitimeJuly 28th 2015, 12:22

Name: Azrael

Gender: Male

Age: 5 Years

Pack: Agavos

Rank Requested: Warrior

Azrael is 94 cm tall. His fur is dark as night. Eyes so light in color, they almost look white. His build is thick and powerful. Not built for speed, but in a fight he can hold his own. Scars cover his body in multiple places. His past is dark like his fur, filled with emptiness. He follows his instincts and desires. Trained from a pup, he is born to fight. Fighting is one of the only things he knows. His shoulders are broad and muscular. His ears are not too big, not too small either. If you have the courage to stare into his eyes, you will see lifeless orbs of anger and hatred. His midnight coat shakes from side to side as he struts, hauling his mass.


Azrael The Sinister 3LHSFY

Born from hatred and blood. His mother was abducted by a neighboring pack, looking to take over the meadows. She was only one of the few females in the pack, but the others were no longer interesting to the brutes. They forced her over and over to take the mauling and forcefulness. They kept her alive, but only long enough to ween her first litter from them.

Months later, she gave birth to a litter of five pups. All were of cinnamon color, with dashes of chocolate brown and sand tan. All of them except for one. The pups ate from their mother until it was their time to eat flesh and blood. They were given no names, only numbers. The pups grew and learned quickly. It seemed every member of the pack took interest in their training. The alpha male, Teren, smiled upon the little onyx one, Number 5. When the pups were completely weened off their mother, she was murdered.

Two members of the pack pulled and dragged her from her prison. They brought her to the middle of the pack, where a circle had formed. Teren stood upon a rock, looking down to his pack. "Bring out the pups." The pups were ushered to the inner ring of the circle. "Today, we shed the blood of an enemy we have long awaited!" Number 5 looked at his mother, confused and worried. "Control the pups!" he growled. As he commanded five wolves stepped forward, grabbing the scruff of a pup in their teeth. Once they were secured, Teren lifted his head and let out a blood curdling howl. The pack followed suit, with the exception of the five carrying pups. When the howls came to a halt, Teren looked at the female and snarled, "your time is up!" As the words left his lips, three wolves pounced on her, ripping her flesh. The pups struggled to see. "Jax and Leron, stop! They need to know!" Teren growled. The last wolf continued to rip apart the female. Teren watched the horror in the pups' eyes. An evil grin spread across his lips, baring his teeth. "Perfect," he said to himself.

The female finally lay lifeless on the ground. The remaining male moved back to the circle, licking his lips. The wolves dropped the pups to the ground. The four pups ran to their mother's carcass, but Number 5 did not move. He watched his brothers and sisters whine and nudge their mother. He couldn't move. Teren watched the pups for a moment, and then turned away, back to his den. The training became worse, harder for the young ones. They were pushed to their ultimate limits. Many moons passed and the time had come.

The final challenge had arrived. Teren called for the pack to circle. The pups were now members, accepted in their ranks. But they still had no names. Teren called them out by number in numerical order. As they were called, they walked into the center of the circle. "You all have done well. We can see the change in your eyes, the desire in your heart, but the time has come. You must fight for your right to live amongst us." Number 5 was ready for a fight. He would do anything to belong.

Months after earning a title, he decided to leave. The pack was insane. He wanted more. One night, he slipped out of the pack and ran. He never stopped until he couldn't run any longer.

Azrael found himself in a new pack, Cedar Grove. He was greeted by the Alphess herself. She was beautiful, intelligent, everything the young rogue could wish for in a mate. Together they fought off a few foxes from the lands and both felt an instant connection. Azrael soon found that his black heart would shed its outer layer and allow Dahlia to collect his heart for her own. One day during a hunting session for Azrael, he found a loner. She was weak and starving. She needed help or she would die where she laid. He helped her, thinking this would be some points for the Alphess, so that she would see he could be a good Alpha. But when Azrael brought her to the border to meet Dahlia, the Alphess was less than pleased. He couldn't figure out why, even though Ebonee stood dangerously close to him. But as one love started, it was ended very quickly. Dahlia also had eyes for another wolf, an ashen male by the name of Obsidian.

Azrael was forced to compete for her heart, only to fail in the end. One day Ebonee and Azrael had ben exploring the neutral lands together, when they were discovered by a large and powerful monster, Teren. The brute was larger than any wolf Azrael had ever seen and immediately he knew who this wolf was. Protecting Ebonee, he stood as a buffer between them. They lashed evil words back and forth to one another, but when it came time to fight, the old wolf ran away like a coward. Now Azrael knew Teren was here. He made a promise to Ebonee that he would always keep her safe. The warrior was quickly promoted to the rank of Delta, but soon after his heart was broken. Dahlia had officially chosen Obsidian, and Azrael fled the lands of Cedar Grove. During his absence, Ebonee was missing him greatly, so she hunted him down. The two met and she swore she would stay with him. She held up her word and the two found themselves in love.

In that winter, they mated and Ebonee became swollen with his young. The life of a rogue was not the life of an expecting mother. They needed shelter and the protection of more wolves. Taking his pride, Azrael swallowed it up and approached the borders once again to his old home. Again he was greeted by Dahlia. This time, she was weaker and looked sickly. No longer having that amazing aura about her. The rogue showed her the utmost respect and asked that he and his mate be allowed back into Cedar Grove for the safety of their young. Dahlia granted his wish, and told him that he would need to lead the pack. She could no longer handle the responsibility as her health was slipping away from her. Azrael accepted the offer and left to retrieve his Alphess. In the coming months, she birthed four young wolves: Aeolous, Eadoin, Ezekiel, and Jael. Four beautiful and stunning males. Azrael was more than pleased with his family, and the pack took an immediate welcome to their additions. Everything in the world was finally going right.

In the coming summer months, a drought attacked the lands. It took the moisture and the water from the lands, leaving them lacking in luster. The Cedar leaves were nowhere near as green as he had first remembered. One day, a fire started and it swept over the dying earth. It killed many in its wake, and Azrael became separated from his family. He didn't know if Ebonee or his offspring were even alive. He had to leave the lands, seeking a new place to call his home.

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PostSubject: Re: Azrael The Sinister Azrael The Sinister Icon_minitimeJuly 28th 2015, 12:29

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Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Azrael The Sinister

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