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Warrior Syn
Warrior Syn

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Wolf Information
Gender: Female
Age: 4

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PostSubject: Syn Syn Icon_minitimeDecember 14th 2015, 18:09

Name: Syn

Gender: Female

Age: 4 years

Breed: Eurasian x Mexican wolf.

Height: 70 centimeters

Pack: Pyrvanthros

Rank Requested: Warrior

As her mother was a brown-red Eurasian and her father was a Mexican wolf, you could say that Syn looks like her mother. Her sweet orange eyes are rather deceiving along with her rather beautiful fur color. She has a mix of reads all over her body, the dominant color being a light brown almost orange color. She has black swirled around her entire body, black hairs mostly showing around her eyes and back. She stands at a small 70cm, coming to a length of about 85 cm, as well as weighing in at a mere 98 pounds. For her size, she has more than enough muscle to balance out her body. With a almost pointed muzzle, she has slightly rounded ears, and her neck and chest is laced with small scars from previous wars. Her fur is a soft and smooth texture, almost like silk, it smells like Rosemary and mint.

She has a heart that is locked up, the key to it, is lost. With that, she is hard to impress, and is not easily 'whooed' over, even by the most charming and cunning male. Even if she does fall in love, she has no time to be a supporting mate, or a loving mother. She takes her training and caring for her  pack seriously. She does want a mate and pups, she just doesn't have the time. She doesn't exactly make friends easily like others. Like said before, she doesn't have time to have any relationships. Syn knows her place among the pack, and is willing to accept any rank the Alpha(s) give her. She is respectful, and is rarely known to break the rules of a pack. But, under all her rough spots, she is the most loving and caring wolf that lives. She will be by a wolf's side in seconds, if needed. If she happens to find a trust-worthy friend, she will most likely be there to support their ideas and help them through rough times.


Syn 0ea65171f6ff76fe8d76a30c3c66a5e9

Syn was born to a litter of 5. She was the eldest and therefore the one that took on most of the responsibilities. She was the only she-wolf in the litter, the rest of her siblings being males. That only made her want to train harder and be stronger then them. She was raised as a warrior, not as some Alpha's child. Since she didn't believe in the idea of  "Alpha Blood." As she grew up, her siblings were raised alongside her, but she excelled above them in every attribute. Although she was the smallest in the litter, and the first born as well, her siblings were much larger, but that didn't stop them from knowing their place whenever they challenged her. She was never afraid to back down from a challenge, once an older wolf taunted her for being so small, she attacked him and it took all of her brothers to separate the two. However, when it was all over, her opponent was the one sent to the healer's den, not her. She graduated from a pup to a Warrior at the age of 1, she was young, and most of her pack questioned her abilities. It wasn't until she won a battle against a group of rogues that they were satisfied. From that day on, she worked even harder for her pack, and was the first to receive word from her father that they were going to war with the threatening pack that had invaded the lands right after she had been born. Knowing that her father's word was law, she prepared for battle. As more battles ensued, her father's Beta and best friend was killed. She was ranked as the Beta at the age of 3.25, voted on by her own pack. She proved herself a cunning and lethal Beta and devised the war plans that they were to come up with for ambushing the intruding pack in their own lands. The battle was won thanks to her plan, her father honored her after wards as she helped around the camp. No task was beneath her, she helped rebuild, helped the healers tend to the wounded, and even hunted. One day, when she was approaching her 4th year, they received word from their Scout that an enemy pack had joined forces with the rouges to attempt to drive them out. She met with her father, the Elite and Delta that day to come up with a battle plan. It was perfect, they were sure to win.

As soon as the battle had started, Syn was at the front of the lines fighting, gaining most of the scars that can be seen along her chest and neck. They won the battle, but no fight comes without casualties. She lost her four siblings in the battle, and as soon as it was over, she left her pack, in search of a new one that she could be apart of.

Joining Keys: Member posted the joining keys and they have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Alpha Desmond

How did you find Age? The Pack Roleplay had you as an affiliation. I decided it was time to check out some other roleplays and stumbled across this one.

Example Post:
Syn sat up, her muscles still painfully sore. She looked around, bodies of wolves lie around her. She let out a strangled whine at the sight of her brothers among the bodies. She may not be a big fan of showing emotion, but she was still capable of them. She moved to lie beside her closest brother, Demetri. She buried her nose in his fur before she turned her head to the moon above her. She took a deep breath and howled a long, mournful note. She howled until her voice went hoarse, her lament still echoed in the trees. I need to get out of here, I need to go somewhere else. She thought to herself. Sighing, she stood and cast a final glance at her family. She faced forward and began a journey elsewhere.

After several days of traveling the terrain began to change from rocky mountain terrain and snow to warmer weather and flatter ground. Trees began popping up everywhere, and Syn found herself at home in her new terrain. Soon the she-wolf began to trod on cool, hard packed dirt. She found herself in a type of clearing, but the scents were off. She could detect the smell of other wolves, but only in front of her. Oh, it's a border. there's a pack here. Well, I'd better let them know I'm here. She tipped her head back and howled, a pure melodic note, full of hope of what was to come.

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Alphess Chiara
Alphess Chiara

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Wolf Information
Gender: Female
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PostSubject: Re: Syn Syn Icon_minitimeDecember 15th 2015, 19:19

Syn R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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