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Maddox [Completed]

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PostSubject: Maddox [Completed] Maddox [Completed] Icon_minitimeJune 16th 2016, 21:00

Name: Maddox

Gender: Male

Age: 3 Years

Breed: Eurasian x Timber wolf mix

Height: 86 cm (Purchased at Shop)

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Warrior

Standing 86cm at the shoulder blades, and weighing in at 140 pounds. Maddox is no lightweight. His frame large and compact with even covering of muscle. His fur containing a tawny hue with hints of reds, browns and greys throughout it. He has a handsome face, masked in reddish markings. Cream colored fur masking his muzzle and curving around his cheeks. His maw littered with little scars, just visible to the naked eye. A longer gash, still visible along his left cheek. His eyes a startlingly pale blue.  His pelt is of moderate length, though well insulated. His limbs of average length for his size, are thick with muscle. His tail rather long and fluffy as it tapers from his body.  

Maddox is a damaged soul. He's seen and done much that haunts him. It makes him guarded with others, always feeling the need to hide his emotions. He is rather robot like in the way he communicates. Curt and formal, seem to be the only two tones he speaks in. Conflicted with his actions, Maddox doesn't quite know where he fits in. He wants to believe that he doesn't care about anyone or anything, however his conscious often weasels its way in. Like a little voice in the back of his mind, scolding him for wrong doing. Pushing him to achieve more than the darkness allows. Deep down, beneath all the pain, Maddox has a gentler side. It is rarely seen and never spoken of. However it is there, no matter how much Maddox attempt to bury it. 


FC Nestor

Maddox hails from the northeast. Where he was born on the side of a unforgiving mountain, to an unforgiving pack. One of a litter of five, Maddox was never privy to a life of ease. Born to the Delta pair, Maddox learned quickly the world wasn’t fair. His sisters torn away from his mother and given to a nursing Autay to raise. Him and his brothers, left to be raised by his mother. In his birth pack only the Alpha male was allowed to breed. Therefore, despite being raised by the Delta male who was his mother’s mate. Maddox was the son of the Alpha, a bitter brute by the name of Galvin. Galvin gave little attention to anyone let alone his own blood. Leaving the actual fathering of his litters to the mates of the she-wolves. He ran his pack with an icy disregard. Caring little for them as individuals but more so as means to an end. Galvin enjoyed the power he held over others and often flaunted that power. Using threats, fear and trickery to get what he wanted. Galvin cared little for the mindset of others, only the outward talents they could provide him. Therefore the members of his pack were more often than not unstable and untrustworthy. Little respect was given between members, even the higher up ranks. Fighting could often be seen and ignored right in the middle of camp. Thus the world Maddox was born into.

As a puppy Maddox, had many run ins with the seedy underbelly of his pack. At 8 weeks of age the Autay assigned to watch him and his brothers lost his temper. A crotchety old brute, the wolf snapped at Maddox for tugging on his tail. Giving him a long gash over his left cheek, which remains as a ghastly scar on his face. At six months of age, as his mother started teaching him how to hunt and fight. Maddox was encouraged to practice on other pups. Often starting scrapples, of which his mother would watch. If he lost, his mother would send him to his den hungry for the night. If he won, he’d eat the best out of the litter. It was no easy living, and Maddox quickly grew up. He wasn’t an average pup, he couldn’t be. Not if he was to stay alive. Forced to shove every bit of decency he had deep down, Maddox became the monster he had to be to survive. At a year of age, his training intensified. Now the fights with his littermates, were that of life or death. Challenged by his sister Sakira, Maddox had no choice but to kill her or be killed. So barely a year of age, he fought her to her death. Despite the overwhelming amount of praise given to him for the victory by his mother. Maddox never felt right about his actions, something inside him hidden deep down, knew it wasn’t right. But constantly being told something was the right thing changes a wolf.

Another year passed, in which Maddox started his training with others. Often beaten to a pulp, he’d return to his den bruised and covered in blood just barely alive. Only to be healed and forced back at it once more. “ There is no victory without sacrifice.” Was a common saying amongst the pack. Around his third birthday things became a little quieter. A drought causing the pack to become more laid back than before. The constant fighting forced to stop in order to reserve strength. In this time, Maddox ran into the first love of his life. A darling little fae by the name of Electra. She belonged to the neighboring pack, a bitter enemy of his own. They met in the neutral territories and quickly grew to love one another. She bringing out his softer side, the one hidden under the facade he was forced to put up just to survive. She’d even tried convincing him to run away with her. That was until the fire came. It ate up the dry forest in its entirety. Taking most of the wolves in the area, including Maddox's beloved.

Escaping the fire, Maddox helped his injured mother. Finding a cave, the pair settled in hoping to avoid the lash of the wild fire which ripped through their home. The smoke was so heavy however, they were unable to leave the cave. Stuck inside for several days, Kiyta made a decision. One she knew Maddox wouldn’t like. “ Kill me.” She had whispered hoarsely. Her body weak from the smoke she inhaled. “ Kill me, so you can live.” It wasn’t a suggestion but an order. “ But mother…” Maddox had almost whimpered. “ You must survive!” Kitya had snapped. “ I did not give birth to you, only to watch you perish. Now kill me. You can live off my meat for days. Then the smoke will clear and you, you can live on. You don’t need me pup. I am no longer of use to you alive. So kill me or starve.” She snapped. So Maddox going against every fiber in his being, clamped his jaws around his mother’s throat until the life left her body. Feasting on her remains, until the smoke outside cleared enough he could escape.

For a year after loosing his birth pack, Maddox roamed free as a loner. Until by chance he wandered in Age.

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PostSubject: Re: Maddox [Completed] Maddox [Completed] Icon_minitimeJune 17th 2016, 15:56

Maddox [Completed] R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


Maddox [Completed] Sotosi10
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Maddox [Completed]

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