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Summer Update - Must Read

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Summer Update - Must Read Empty
PostSubject: Summer Update - Must Read Summer Update - Must Read Icon_minitimeJuly 1st 2016, 17:01

Hey there guys! This is going to be a very big update - the biggest in a pretty long while... So please make sure to read it all and enjoy yourselves.

Activity Checks!
Well, over the last year, we have tried SO MANY ways to get Activity Checks... Either they are accomplished or thrown at at the end of the month/season. We are going back to a very old way that we used to do. In order to be considered active, EVERY character must post ONE time per month. Any members who do not post will be deleted. The exception to this rule, is of course our LOA members (which we will be discussing later down the post). We will be enforcing this rule, strictly. We have too many characters who affect our census, but are not in use.

Additional Characters
As some of you have already seen, there is a new update to the Shopette concerning new characters. No longer is there a maximum amount you can have! Yay! Every additional character will cost 200 Bones AND you will have to provide ten most recent posts to prove you are active. If you have more than one character, we only need ten posts. We ask that posts are within the same season, however, just to prove they are recent.

Voting & Advertising
We need a swift kick to the rear to get back in gear. Many of our new members have found us through the voting sites. These pretty little buttons can be found to the left of the screen, between the credits and the Sister Sites. We also have a thread to pay attention to here - which goes into more detail. It also tells how we as a community can all get some more Bones! Yes, free Bones just for helping to bring others to our site. As for advertising, we need to start posting our advertisement on other sites. This actually helps also and we really need to be getting the word out there. Age is unlike many other sites. We are going on four years strong and no signs of slowing down. More people = better plots, more to do, more wolves, and possibly additions to the site.

Face Claims
Age Of The Wolves is officially cracking down on Face Claims. Before it has admittedly wavered up and down. But, with the super keen eyes of Elite Breeze, and efforts from the rest of the Staff, AND site - we will get this under control. Once a wolf dies, their face will be able to be used AFTER one month of being dead. Members will also be able to claim a face on Dawnthieves. It will appear in the Shopette. More information can be found there.

Rank Changes
We have been having issues with balancing the packs. I think we now have a way to help make things better. Healers and Autays will be reduced to only allow three spots. One for a Lead, which can be male or female and two assisting positions. No other Healers or Autays will be allowed for the pack if all three are filled. These are the only two ranks to be affected. Also, we have an official Ban/Encourage list that will be updated as positions are filled and such.

Same Sex Couples
We know that a lot of people want this to happen. At this time, we have decided not to allow it. Wolves mount one another for dominance, whether it be male on male or female on female. It is not for a pleasurable notion. To keep with the Semi-realism we will stick with heterosexual couples. This was a decision made by the Founders of the site. If you wish to say anything about this, please PM Azul or Teren.

In order to keep better track of LOAs, we are changing how they will be done. One thread (with a form) will be the designated LOA form. Members will comment on it, using the thread and code, BUT if they wish to elaborate, they can make a thread which ALL of their character will use. No more numerous LOAs for a single person/player.

With the high heat of summer and the small amounts of water around Age, a FIRE has been started! Blossom Pasture has been set ablaze! Since it is surrounded by water (Mirror Lake and Moonshine Beach), it will not spread to any other portions of Age. For this event only, TWO of your characters will be allowed to RP in the same area TWICE. That means you can have two threads at the same time here and only here for this event. All event threads must have the indicator at the beginning of the thread. This is the symbol that MUST be in the thread [☼]. You can make an open thread, or plan with someone else. All who participate in this event will receive DOUBLE the Bones per post.

Since the start of the fire, other animals have been fleeing the area. They seek shelter, water, and other sources of food. Because of this, a wild pack of coyotes has found their way into our lands. They head South, taking it by storm. But these are not your average coyotes. They are bizarre, speak a strange language and act irrationally. They have entered Pyrvanthros through the border on the east side, crossing it directly into Cynical Hollow. If Pyrvanthros wolves would like a thread with the coyotes, they will need to use this emblem in the title of their thread [☠]. Members who face the coyotes will receive DOUBLE the Bones per post - but be careful. One bite could be very dangerous to your wolf's health. Certain members of the pack will be affected by random selection by the wolves of the other forest. Healers and Autays need to be extra cautious. And lastly, the coyotes will move through the pack as time goes on.


Summer Update - Must Read M6DrTtH

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Summer Update - Must Read

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