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Sotu v.2 (All-level, creature RP)

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Sotu v.2 (All-level, creature RP) Empty
PostSubject: Sotu v.2 (All-level, creature RP) Sotu v.2 (All-level, creature RP) Icon_minitimeJuly 12th 2013, 19:31

Sotu v.2 (All-level, creature RP) 1181tdy
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A newly created, all-level, supernatural being RP. We just opened our doors for new members! Also, we are accepting affiliates and sister sites.

One-hundred years have passed since war plagued the land of Sotu, leaving behind nothing but rubble in it's wake. Four clans managed tear out of such a disaster and rise up to rebuild the once glorious city, though only once a truce was declared. Werewolves, Vampires, Shape Shifters and even the Hybrids vowed to keep their fangs and claws off of each other if it meant protecting the home they all loved. Several years have passed since such a truce, some members of the society still hold grudges and petty fights to break out but are quickly settled. Sotu is divided equally into four different territories each belonging to one of the four groups previously stated.
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Sotu v.2 (All-level, creature RP)

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