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Azul The Brave

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Wolf Information
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PostSubject: Azul The Brave Azul The Brave Icon_minitimeDecember 15th 2012, 22:32

Name: Azul

Gender: Male

Age: 5

Rank Requested: Alpha Male

His massive body is covered in a thick white coat. His eyes are a golden bronze color, which shine from his bright fur. His body is one of the largest in the wolf species. His body is fit for fighting, hunting, and whatever he might have to do. He has a couple scars that sit across his body, none on his face. His tail is large and bushy, full and stunning. His coat is well kept for and constantly being taken care of. He takes pride in his size and looks.


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Azul The Brave Tumblr_mbuub8ZNRy1r1tnbmo1_500

Azul The Brave Tumblr_mcilmflm4j1qg6cnbo1_r1_500

Azul The Brave Tumblr_mdt20pnDK31rxczw1o1_500

Azul The Brave White-wolf-sandy-keeton

Azul didn't have a rough life or come from a poor background. But he was not just given his title or rank. Nor was he anything like the wolf he is today. It all began in a small pack that slowly started to grow. The Alpha and Alphess dominated the pack with cold tongues and sharp fangs. Luckily for the pup, he was the Beta's spawn. Azul was born on a nice spring day, just the perfect temperature. In the litter there were three other siblings. One was a white fae, much like Azul. Her father would come to name her Nadare, which means "avalanche" in Japanese. The other two were males: Argos and Remy, their coats were a mix of tans, greys, and white. Azul, Argos, Remy and Nadare learned the ways of those before them. Taking advice in each art: fighting, hunting and killing. Azul seemed to be the only one picking up the information and tactics for all of the teachings. Argos grew to be a strong warrior for the pack, while Remy shared the speed of an eagle as it flew through the open sky. Nadare backed away from the fighting, to aid the mothers with their young. She much enjoyed their company. The pack was happy for years. That is, until the Midnight Dagger pack attacked.

They struck in the night, attacking faes, pups, and the like. They came to conquer the lands and spoil their goods. The males and warrior females of the pack all gathered and started the massacre wolves would be discussing for centuries. The Alpha led a team past the camp and towards the Dagger camp. They were swift and quiet, tactful killers with a mission. Azul accompanied the Alpha male along with his brothers, Remy and Argos. A few others followed them, while the Betas and Elites fought off the intruders on the home front. Blood and tears splattered over the sacred ground. Many wolves died that die, fighting tooth and claw for their lives. Luckily none of the pups were killed. Nadare did a wonderful job of keeping them safe, protecting them from those that wished them harm.

As the small group of males attacked the Dagger pack, more bloodshed occurred. The two massive Alphas battled while their companions fought one another. Azul bit into the necks of his combatants, ripping their throats from inside their skin, forcing his massive claws through their flesh. He had a mission to accomplish and would not give up. His brothers fought beside him, until there came a yelp from the Alpha fight. Azul's golden hues scanned the area until finding the Dagger Alpha had his Alpha pinned to the floor. Azul howled and lowered his head, charging through the pack of wolves, making it to the Alpha fight. It had been too late. His Alpha was killed. Azul snarled as he looked upon the dead body of the wolf that once led the pack. His eyes grew angry as saliva dripped from his jowls, dropping on the floor by his massive paws. He eyed the betrayer and lunged for his throat. Azul and the evil Alpha were roughly the same size in height, but it was obvious that Azul was much stronger. Within minutes he pinned the brute to the floor, pressing his paw against the neck of the foul creature and growled into his ear, "this is for my family." His massive jaws opened and tore a chunk of his flesh from his shoulder. Blood dripped from his mouth as he dropped the meat to the floor. Blood soaked his muzzle and covered various parts of his once stunning white coat. Now drenched in pink tones, he lowered his head to the whimpering creature, "this is for my pack!" He quickly moved his paw away from the neck and replaced it with his fangs. He ripped into the throat, dragging out veins and tendons. He flung the bits to the other wolves and let out a blood-curdling howl.

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Example Post: The fighting ceased in both packs. Azul and his team walked back to their homeland, covered in the blood of their enemies. As they entered the clearing they realized the damage their pack took. Wolves laid across the floor, whimpering as others helped them. The Alphess stood alone, before her den, waiting for her mate. When he did not come, she charged Azul, asking him of the Alpha's whereabouts. Azul told her what had happened. The Alphess stepped back from the young brute and dipped her head, howling to the stars above. It was on this day the pack decided the one to lead would now be Azul. A lot of wolves disagreed with this choice, wishing the Beta male or other seasoned wolves would take the throne. But the Alphess would not allow it. Because of this choice, their numbers in the pack died. Only a few of the trustworthy wolves stayed behind, leaving Azul as leader of his pack.
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Azul The Brave

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