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The End.

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The End.  Empty
PostSubject: The End. The End.  Icon_minitimeJanuary 1st 2014, 16:36

His paws ached from the hike, his pads nearly bleeding from the strain, but, really, who was he to complain? The great son of the Alpha was there for one calamity : escape. Delicate eye lashes beckoning up to the rising sun, a gift from she, a chilled breath escaped, fluttering rapidly behind him. Muscles quivering from the strain, his enormous ivory form, a gift from he, scaling only higher, the Apprentice came to his destination. Where's Heaven? came a juvenile inquiry, pale eyes loosing their luster as his view failed to compensate expectations. Rust beneath him, the dry, cracking ground hissed viciously as the heir neared uncertainty. Beneath him lie a world he never felt fully part of, a world foreign and unknown to him. An eagle's cry halting his self pity, the ignorant brute took a daring look over the trying edge. A trial of pride, of guts only ended in judgement.

He fell.

Down, down, his body went, the Devil's claws outstretched as they beckoned him into their kingdom. To startled to cry, to even give a childish plea for survival, the fall went unnoticed by Heaven's Angels - for how were they to notice his parting if they could not hear it? The ones who were drawn to his misfortune raked the benefits immediately, their scythes silencing his crying soul, releasing him from treacherous pain. Any last words? they'd ask him before taking him along. Gazing upon his fallen body, the heap of ivory now a ball of insignificant fur, Deimos shook his head, silent even after death.

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The End.

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