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Warrior Samael - Revised

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Wolf Information
Gender: Male
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Warrior Samael - Revised Empty
PostSubject: Warrior Samael - Revised Warrior Samael - Revised Icon_minitimeJuly 7th 2014, 19:44

Name: Samael

Gender: Male

Age: 2 years (3rd Spring)

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Warrior

Completely black like his father, Samael shares many attributes from him physically. One eye, his left one, is silver like that of his father's, but his right eye mimics the emerald hue of his mother's. He is an average sized wolf, not too large or too small. His coat is thick all year long, much like his father's. His body is built to fight. It is muscular and thick. He is not very fast as he is so heavy. Samael's tail is slightly longer than it should be, and very bushy. He uses it in the winter's to cover his nose from the snow and cold. His paws are large and nails well taken care of as he scrapes them on hard surfaces when he gets angered.


Warrior Samael - Revised 4vtl

Warrior Samael - Revised Mz5p

Born to Alpha Steele and Alphess Esmeralda, he was one of the first to come out along with Achilles, Ammolite, and another pup. From the start, Samael proved himself to be the most aggressive of the litter. He picked on his brothers and tortured his sister. He used his larger size against them. Int heir training, he was much better than the rest when it came to the physical side of things. With time the pups were really starting to show their true worth to the pack, to the family, and to each other. But trouble was coming to their happy little family.

In the coming months, Esmeralda would come to desert her family and her pack. She left with both Ammolite and Achilles with her. She took a few other members of the pack with her, the Guardian Nicolaus and Lead Healer Kiv. The fact for the young wolf to lose his mother and siblings was very hard on Samael. He and Steele bonded from the experience, while Steele trained him, himself. The two were so immersed with training, that they both could finally move on. Samael still hopes that one day he will be see his mother and siblings again, that they will want to find him, and they will be happy again. He strives to the absolute best for his pack and for himself. Anyone who wishes to betray the pack will have to deal with him.

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Warrior Samael - Revised Sam

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Warrior Samael - Revised

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