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The Guardian's Daughter - Kida

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Apprentice Kida
Apprentice Kida

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PostSubject: The Guardian's Daughter - Kida The Guardian's Daughter - Kida Icon_minitimeJuly 21st 2015, 23:48

Name: Kida

Gender: Female

Age: 6 months

Pack: Helidos

Rank Requested: Apprentice

Born last to the Guardian and Elite, the young and only fae, was has a small frame. Her body is very slender, not from lack of eating, but just being built that way. She has large ears that rest upon her head, though they seem a little too large she does not mind them at all. Often she imagines herself as a bat with big ears, pretending she has sonar abilities. The majority of her body is covered in a long tan coat. She has some areas which are white, but for the most part she is darker in color. Most of her features come from her mother, as far as coloring and facial pattern. She has a thick and bushy tail most of the year, which she uses to protect her nose from most things she does not like. She has a dark line that goes down the middle of her back and appears to have melted the dark colors around her sides. Her paws are dainty and a light cream color. With both her small frame and small feet, she is a very agile creature. The most noticeable feature she has, would be her eyes. They are a stunning burnt orange color. It offsets the color of her coat. Her eyes are slightly darker than her fathers, but nowhere near as beautiful as her mother’s.


The Guardian's Daughter - Kida 69Q39u

The gallant Warrior Drogo and the beautiful Elite Nnlya have finally found love together. Their time has come to start a new family, bringing them three wonderful pups.

Even being the youngest never stopped Kida. She enjoys a little romp every now and then. But she absolutely loves playing with her brothers. From an early age she would always bite them, nicking their ears a little and drawing blood, to then go seek the remedy to stop the bleeding. Even if she were the one to cause the pain, she wanted to be sure she was the one to fix it. No other wolf was going to fix up her own brothers besides her. Sometimes she would even pretend her mother and father were wounded so she could lay aloe leaves on their forelegs. Everything she does is for the betterment of her own future. She is prideful in her skills and works hard to teach her own self more than what was asked of her. She knows healing has some huge pawprints to fill, but she is willing to put the extra effort and work to achieve her goals.

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Elite Nnlya
Elite Nnlya

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Wolf Information
Gender: Female
Age: 6 Years
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PostSubject: Re: The Guardian's Daughter - Kida The Guardian's Daughter - Kida Icon_minitimeJuly 22nd 2015, 01:28

The Guardian's Daughter - Kida R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


The Guardian's Daughter - Kida Nnlya_sig_by_lunarwolfey-d8fkh5h

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The Guardian's Daughter - Kida

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