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Rogue Conláed

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Rogue Conláed
Rogue Conláed

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Wolf Information
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PostSubject: Rogue Conláed Rogue Conláed Icon_minitimeAugust 2nd 2015, 18:50

Name: Conláed [Kon-lee; meaning 'purifying fire']

Gender: Male

Age: 0.5 years

Pack: None

Rank Requested: Rogue

The juvenile male has a coat not too dissimilar from his father, ranging in subtle shades from fawn, through to tan, grey and black. The colours of his pelt alone make him rather a handsome wolf, but the most striking feature of his design would surely be his eyes of a shimmering emerald green, which also resemble those of his sire. The beauty of his orbs is magnified further by the distinct charcoal rim to them, which also matches his raven black nose. The darkest pigments of black and brown are speckled into the fur on his back, shoulders and the tip of his tail. Slightly lighter tans and russets mark the top of his head and muzzle, along with the back of his neck, the top of his limbs and his flanks where the brown/grey colour is the base of his coat. The underside of his snout and body are the palest, with the cream colour descending down to his broad chest and along his legs, as well as highlighting patches around his withers, cheeks and his eyes. His fur itself is neither particularly thin nor thick and is generally quite coarse on the top coat, although it varies in colouration and fluffiness with the changing seasons. Although still young, the brute is above average in dimensions for his age, destined to be about his father's size when full grown. He is well-proportioned with the ratio of his height to length, meaning he is not stocky nor spindly, and so is fully capable of doing most things.


Rogue Conláed OX00r5

"Born into a strange world - separated from all signs of the living packs. These pups do not know their father, who he is or even what he smells like. After agreeing to his deal with the one-eyed Rogue, Desmond disappeared from the scene. He fed her from the entrance of her den, but never once wished to see the little pups. So they live with their mother, out in the Rogue lands, free to move about those lands as they wish."

Conláed has upheld the life of a rogue in his young life, not once going near the packs and being content to live the life of a loner for as long as he lives. He is venturing further and further away from his mother's den, soon to be exploring the neutral lands and finding pack wolves to watch and study, although he often returns to the den every few days for food since he's not very apt at hunting with his youth and inexperience. His independence and curiosity leads him to many solitary adventures, plus some interesting and potantially dangerous situations, as he tries to learn by following wolves and predators to watch the way they hunt, but mostly take advantage by stealing some of their kills. He does not bother much with his mother otherwise, and had used her disability to his advantage throughout his puphood. He mostly ignores his siblings as he goes about his own life, but upon crossing their scent may find himself tracking them from afar, watching what they are doing from a distance and seeing if there is anything he could benefit from. Towards his sister Evalynn for example, he has on a few occasions seen her suffering from her paranoia while she was lost on her own and has slipped away quietly to find his mother and hinted at her where his sister was and that she needed help, but has never told Evalynn of this.

Because of his upbringing, he is still fairly wary of meeting other wolves, especially males as he has never met an adult male in his life so far, but he wishes to see what pack wolves are like and how they differ to the rogues, pushing their buttons and testing them. His plotting little mind is ever learning and developing, and he has plans for what he can do once he has learned more about other wolves.

He feels no need nor want to seek out his father, although using his smarts and observation he has figured that his father must be green-eyed and of a different wolf breed to his mother, since several of his siblings and himself have such coloured orbs and do not resemble his Mexican Wolf mother. For simply proving himself right, he keeps an eye out for a male of that description, but it is not certain how he would react if he found the male.

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How did you find Age? I'm a secret agent... Been undercover here as Eclipse for like, over two years though.

Example Post:
[This is written as though he is a couple of months younger]

All was quiet in the rogue den. It was an odd family, but a family all the same. Conláed lay at one side of his sister, not wanting to be buried between all of his siblings but still needing the warmth from another's body so that he could be lulled into sleep, or at least pretend to be. Now that the familiar noises of sleepy huffs and snoring filled the air, he opened his eyes and soon moved away from Lynx, but he was very careful so as not to awake her or the others, not that he cared if he disturbed them from their dreams. The only reason he stood up slowly and moved his small body stealthily around the sleeping bodies was because if any of them were to wake up it was likely they would ask where he was going, or tell his mother on him. He wanted to go alone, and his mother would almost definitely stop him if she knew he was setting out on a solitary adventure into the night. Just as he was near the mouth of the den, he heard the breathing pattern of his mother change and she began to stir. Looking back towards her, she seemed to be in that state between sleep and consciousness, that's how it seemed anyway, but he just hoped that she wouldn't open the single eye she had and inspect all of the pups like the caring mother she was. The young brute would move to sneak along closer to the left wall, knowing that this was where her blind spot was in case she did look around. Once he had made it out of the den he sprinted, his small weight not making much noise on the dirt and grass yet he felt like he was thundering along and Oltulysa would hear him and snatch him up at any moment.

A few minutes later he figured he was safe. He stopped running and trotted along beside the small stream he sometimes visited. As he looked up he saw a bird flying. It had been carrying a small rodent but it dropped from its talons just a few yards in front of Conlàed. The bird let out a "Whoo-whoo" call and turned back to recover its catch but when it saw Conláed it flew away, though the pup did not quite understand its status of a wolf meant that other animals daren't get close. Curious, he padded closer, ears erect, and sniffed the creature. It wriggled a bit but it was stuck on its back and it was badly injured. Why could it not stay up in the sky with the bird? It was the first time he saw anything fall from above, and it would be the first of the series of thoughts into the future on the understanding of gravity. When he was older he would come to understand from his own personal trials and ever-wandering brain that only those with wings could fly and defy the downward forces, the rest were never going to go up in the sky, only fall down. He did not know exactly how to kill the dying mouse due to his young age, but that would never deter him. Mimicking the fall it had already experienced once, he grabbed the animal in his jaws and repeatedly threw it up in the air and let it hit the ground until it no longer moved, his muzzle becoming tainted with blood in the process since he was biting the mouse rather too hard in doing so, not knowing how to be gentle. Once it seemed to be dead, he walked into the shadows of the forest and lay down to take his time to consume it, pulling it apart to learn how the body parts were similar and different from the hares his mother caught. Satisfied with the snack, he resumed walking around to see what else was out in the world that evening, and would soon return 'home' before his absence was noticed.

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PostSubject: Re: Rogue Conláed Rogue Conláed Icon_minitimeAugust 3rd 2015, 10:25

Rogue Conláed R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Rogue Conláed

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