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PostSubject: Jinx - Pyrvanthros Jinx - Pyrvanthros Icon_minitimeNovember 10th 2015, 11:14

Name: Jinx

Gender: Female

Age: 3 1/2 Years

Pack: Pyrvanthros

Rank Requested: Hunter

Jinx is an average sized Eurasian wolf, standing 78cm at the shoulder. Her markings are rather unique, as shades of grey and brown mottle her figure. A tan colour covers her muzzle, while pale cream shades her cheeks. Most distinctive of all is the black mask that surrounds her striking off-white eyes. The she-wolf's pelt fades out to tawny coloured legs and a cream underside. A scar can be seen with close inspection on her left shoulder from a previous fight, as her thick, soft coat makes it less visible. The fae's build is athletic and lean, perfect for chasing her prey for long distances. Her body is usually alert, ears pricked and senses watching everything around her.



The fae finally felt like it was the right time. The right time for finding a mate with whom she could share her life and have a litter of her own. Unfortunately, none of the unmated males within the pack were what she was looking for. The majority were self-centered, fearless and cruel, as if clones of the relentless Alpha. Though she did not wish to leave the large and feared pack solely in search of a mate, she also didn't wish to mate with any of the brutes. The situation was difficult on her as she had been longing for her own litter for a while, particularly after witnessing fellow females mating and giving birth to pups in the spring. Her instinct and hormones made the need to mate even stronger. After thinking long and hard, she knew what she had to do. And eventually she followed her plan through, mating with a bold rogue who ventured near to the pack's lands that winter. A couple of months later she gave birth to three female pups, one of which was named Jinx, which brought her much happiness although there was a constant battle with fellow pack members. Her decision to mate with a rogue brute was far from accepted within the pack and consequently they made the new mother's life a living hell.

- Within the following year -

Jinx was strangely detached from the other wolves, failing to build bonds even with her siblings and mother as they grew older. It was no surprise, since many of the wolves were not friendly in the slightest, being too focused on their ranks and making it clear to the other packs that they were not to be challenged. As pups, whenever Jinx and her sisters were not with their mother, they would be left with other pups, yearling wolves and healers, and would learn basic healing in this way. At around 8 months of age, Jinx and her sisters began learning to hunt with their mother. And at around a year old, Jinx voluntarily started training to fight with the pack's Lead Warrior as her mentor. She proved herself to be capable in using her jaws for both disciplines, but had a natural affinity to hunting. It was unlike fighting training, which required sparring partners and contact with other wolves, and she preferred it that way. The Alpha's son, Daemon, constantly bullied the young fae and her siblings as he looked lowly on them, much like the rest of the pack, because of their parentage. He particularly targeted Jinx, due to her being assertive and standing her ground, practicing her recently taught fighting skills on the brute in self-defense.

- Aged Two -

At around 2 years old, Jinx began hunting with the pack and had become an impressive hunter. Although hunting was her main skill, the fae also knew how to fight, should there be a reason in which she needed to do so. Most wolves in the pack were trained to fight with good skill, even those who were not warriors, as there were often wars between the pack and rival packs in the area due to the Alpha continuously wanting to expand their territory. Still, Jinx had not formed any kind of relationships with any of her pack members and kept her distance, looking out for herself and serving her pack as a hunter.

- Aged Three -

Now at the age of 3, the Alpha's son bothered the female more than ever. One day he ordered her, knowing she would refuse, and after she did just that he began to attack her to display his dominance. He was long since tired and angry at the one fae who would not submit to him. As she was not the type to stand there and take it, Jinx fought back, defending herself from his unjust mistreatment as well as she could. However, Daemon managed to grab the scruff of her neck and mount her, leaving her rather helpless. Out of nowhere, a fellow hunter she was acquainted with, Theron, leapt onto Daemon and battled with the male. The brutes fought aggressively, both of them being muscled and large. Jinx once again lunged for Daemon whilst Theron continued to tussle with the horrid brute. Theron eventually got ahold of Daemon's neck, landing a fatal attack. Right there and then, Jinx felt that she trusted Theron and was grateful for his actions. From then on, she would care for him and consider him a friend to her, which was unusual for her as she had never felt close to anyone before, particularly males. They both knew that they couldn't remain in the pack without getting killed, so they left together that instant.

They ran for miles, plotting their escape route along several rivers to ensure that the hostile pack wouldn't track their scent and serve the punishment for killing the Alpha's son. After some time, when they knew the pack would not have followed them that far, they discovered a crack in a wall of rock just large enough for themselves and they decided to take up residence there for the time being. Over the next three weeks they hunted together, which they were already used to doing from their time in the pack, and grew to know one another more closely. They made a good team together, particularly while hunting, although they would often playfully tease each other to brighten their time. Though they were surviving alongside each other, Jinx knew that they were holding each other back from what they truly wanted. They were too close as friends to be mates and she wasn't keen on the fact that she had become somewhat dependent on the brute, as she missed her old independence. She looked for the right opportunity to leave and she found it one day while they were hunting. As the pair were chasing a herd, they became separated and Jinx took this opportunity to flee in search of a pack where she would be safer in numbers, having never said goodbye to her only friend. Along the way, there were moments where she regretted her decision to leave Theron on his own without saying a word, but perhaps her solitary nature was too strong to let go of completely. However, she knew he would be just fine and believed that it was for the greater good. Spring had moved into summer, which she spent alone finding whatever food she could and looking for a pack that was not too large and did not resemble her natal pack in any way. After almost four months on her own, Fall colours now graced the lands with shades of orange and red, and she felt certain that she was getting close to the lands where she would find a place to call home.

Joining Keys: Joining keys have served their purpose and been removed - Tundra.

How did you find Age? Eclipse is my sister IRL.

Example Post:
The last remaining trace of daylight faded from the grey evening sky as the day began to come to an end. Winds blew loud and strong, attempting to steal heat from beneath the fae's dense pelt, though it did not bother Jinx in the slightest. She was determined to find something to fill her appetite and nothing was going to stop her. It had been many days since she had been hunting, due to nearby prey moving out of the area. This meant Jinx had only been able scavenge herself a meal during her journey across the baron land. The vast emptiness surrounding the she-wolf didn't particularly phase her, if anything it put her at ease. After all, she didn't care for anyone apart from Theron. It was her decision to leave him a while back and it felt like the right thing to do at the time. Her pace slowed as the scent of a nearby carcass infiltrated her delicate nostrils. Following the scent of a dead creature brought the fae no joy, no adrenaline rush of the start of a hunt that she constantly longed for, however she wasn't in a position to pass down an opportunity to eat. Her paws lightly bounced across the earth as she headed closer to the dead animal's remains. Eventually it came into sight, along with a wolf approaching it from the opposite direction. "Theron?", she asked herself quietly at first glance, a slight smile forming. It had been around a month since she had slipped away from the brute. Maybe she was destined to stay with him. Closer now, she scented the air and her smile faded as she realised it wasn't her friend at all. The swift huntress began running towards the male, her paws thudding against the ground. Her dangerously sharp teeth were displayed as she snarled viciously. She was wrong to have assumed it was him, seeing what she wanted to believe. The other loner didn't respond well to her threat as he growled back at Jinx. However, she had mentally claimed the carcass as hers, and wasn't going to go down without a fight.
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PostSubject: Re: Jinx - Pyrvanthros Jinx - Pyrvanthros Icon_minitimeNovember 10th 2015, 12:04

Jinx - Pyrvanthros R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Jinx - Pyrvanthros

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