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We Meet Again (Ariste)

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PostSubject: We Meet Again (Ariste) We Meet Again (Ariste) Icon_minitimeDecember 7th 2015, 12:01

Winter, it had painted the lands with frost before bringing heavy snow. At first it had come down lightly, like a soft settling snow. Then it became wet, heavy, and it clung to everything. Winter was finally upon them, and for the faes it meant the time of heat was now. He had to get away from the heedy scent, it surrounded him, engulfed him and enticed him. He had to get away from the vast majority of it before he drowned in it. He knew the other males in camp were doing pretty well, but this was his first winter surrounded by females. This was new to him, and he felt ready to explode. The fresh air was already calming him, and alluring him to hunt. Despite the chilly snow that pressed against his warm paws, he felt alive. He had proven to himself that he was strong, and not just a shell of his former self. His new rank felt odd to him, but he would grow into it soon enough. It pleased him to think about it, and he was happy that Desoto was placed another notch above him. Perhaps it would ease the wounds of him challenging the dark brute. He wasn't sure how Desoto felt now, but after a few days things seemed to go back to normal. He had fought hard, and his chest still hurt but he was getting better. A small hunt wouldn't do much but making him feel a twinge of pain.

As he trotted along, making sure to keep downwind he opened his senses (now that they were clear) and closed his eyes tasting for prey. For a moment, he only caught the scent of cold but as the breeze drifted towards him the taste of rabbit was hot on his tongue. His stomach rumbled, and he growled gently to himself. A perfect catch to feed his belly. The pack was full, but the early risers had been able to feast on almost everything. Patrols had been sent out to hunt, and while he had gone hunting and brought stuff back he had not been able to eat anything. This time away from the camp would do him good to actually hunt for himself and keep his urges at bay. He moved slowly, his paws sinking soundlessly into the snow as he walked, his blue eyes squinting against the harsh glare of the snow. He saw the rabbit, its white fur making it invisible among the snow. He saw its pink nose twitch and he pin pointed the location by scent and by movement. It was forging around a tree that had some life left in it. It wasn't completely covered in snow so it was eating what little grass and shriveled up cloves were left. It was a fat plump rabbit, ripe for the picking. Moving light on his feet he was hungry. Narrowing his bright blue gaze he leaped forward trapping the rabbit and swiftly biting it. Not a sound was made but fresh warm blood dripped from the rabbit painting the snow below him. He lifted it its warmth appealing in his jaws. Now to find a place to lay and eat. He thought to himself, his blue eyes sparkling.
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We Meet Again (Ariste)

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