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Draped With A Shadow [Available & Open]

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PostSubject: Draped With A Shadow [Available & Open] Draped With A Shadow [Available & Open] Icon_minitimeDecember 28th 2015, 08:46

It was only then that the she-wolf decided to move to another section of the vast territory. Her olive pools guiding her visage ahead, the shadows by the atmosphere draped over with the sun beaming on her frame. Paw steps reaching across the uneven, ragged terrain that was soft like soil and soon felt hardened from the mineral build she stepped upon. Eyes swept across the perimeter, the sights and sounds were not all that different. No, it was something she was quite familiar with and took her measures of surroundings carefully. Emilia was moving into a different part of the territory, in which recognizing how the formation of the rocks in front were arranged. She could possibly slip easily from any footing misplaced. Maybe even trip and fall through a crease.

While she trekked around the area, there seemed to be some thorny foliage nearby that she attempted to avoid and even then her paws were very sensitive around these sharp contents that something impaled through her paws and she winced, rather unexpected and lifted her right forepaws with an immediate action. her head lowered and cocked as she found the source of a thorn and used her front incisors to grasp and tug, her tongue swiped the prickly part as an absorbent when it was released. Cuffing her receptors back the she-wolf managed to free it and continued to stand in the position and clean the area where it was coming from. Placing the paw back on the ground didn't have the slightest pain that didn't strike through her fore arm as she thought. The littlest of things usually make her quiver but not this time anyways. proceeding through the area at ease, Emilia found a suitable spot away from anything sharp and sensitive, no sights of danger or even scents to trigger her to be prepared. Maybe this spot wasn't the best decision but her curiosity made her wander to a location that wasn't quite suitable. Lobes pivoted at the various effects of the nature atmosphere as the wolf began to take place by laying down and crossing their fore paws, while the large rock formation was a tall structure in the background, a shadow draping over the ivory canid in it's territory.
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Draped With A Shadow [Available & Open]

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