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A Shallow Nap (Open)

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A Shallow Nap (Open) Empty
PostSubject: A Shallow Nap (Open) A Shallow Nap (Open) Icon_minitimeJuly 18th 2013, 09:50

Rain explored for a short time before getting bored and laying down to take a nap. Laying close to the water but still under the protection of a log and tall grass she faded into sleep. As the sun made its way high into the sky the fox-like wolf stretched out her paws and let out a big yawn. Without getting up she lazily dragged herself to the water edge and admired her turquoise eyes, the only thing she had of her mothers. She whimpered internally at the thought of her family.

Finally after a moment of wallowing in self-pity she arose to her feet and trampled through the shallow water, skeeters trailed away in a frenzy as her small paws rippled through their tiny paradise. "Sorry" she said to them as she backed away a bit, her long fluffy tail flicked water back and forth. She played around the shallow for a short while, ignoring all thoughts of her family.
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A Shallow Nap (Open)

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