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Sapphire eyes (Open)

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PostSubject: Sapphire eyes (Open) Sapphire eyes (Open) Icon_minitimeFebruary 14th 2014, 22:35

Yiska wandered into the peaceful place. It was hot in the summer sun, and she so thankfully, was pointed to a falls. Padding gracefully and eagerly she trotted to the side of a shallow pool. Happily, she dipped her maw into the crystal spring. Blue piercing eyes shown into hers as she stared at her reflection. The pounding of the falls rang in her ears as she sat down. It was melodic, almost like a song. She sat down and enjoyed it for a second. Hopefully here if she were lucky enough she would meet some other members of Helidos here, she was almost eager. A breeze ruffled her fur as she got up lazily and padded around the shallow pools. She chose a single puddle and dunk a delicate paw into the water. Droplets fell from her claws, and fell back into the spring, creating rings like a tree stump. Contently, she sat down and waited for something to happen. An obsidian nose twitched as her muzzle dried, and head began to nod. It was early morning, and fighting sleep was a battle she was loosing to. Alerted by a small brown cardinal flapping her wings merrily in the trees, she picked her head up. Flicking her ears as she watched the bird far up in the branch, the fae's tail swished to and fro, hitting her flank before brushing so delicately across the dusty ground. The melodic falls brought a soft mist, and carrying a sharp spray that hit her muzzle, and made her sneeze. Looking around with wide cornflower blue orbs, and spotting the same cardinal flutter about, then flying off.
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Sapphire eyes (Open)

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