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Sisters in the grace. [Quinn]

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Sisters in the grace. [Quinn] Empty
PostSubject: Sisters in the grace. [Quinn] Sisters in the grace. [Quinn] Icon_minitimeSeptember 22nd 2014, 08:56

(OOC: I hope this okay for their meeting and becoming sisters/friends x3)

Rose walked slowly through the lavender forest. Her amber eyes watching the sky and leaves that that stretched down and clung together. She closed her eyes and breathed every scent in, lavender, spring. It was all there and held such wonderful smells to her. She turned and studied the tree's, they were gorgeous and called upon her to watch the beauty with delight. She stepped forward and the pressed her nose against one of the leaves, giggling with delight. She turned and bounded forward through the lavender forest. Such grace! This place holds true to it's name... Lavender's Grace. She turned and started a light jog, weaving through the forest and using her best skill. Agility. She darted through the hanging vine like things and then jumped over a log. Her paws carried her forward and her heart raced as she went through the forest like it was nothing but a course for her to train on. She looked up at the blue sky, watching as fluffy clouds went by. She smiled to herself and then lay down on her back, just watching the sky and making the clouds into shapes.  She sighed and closed her eyes tightly, wishing she could share that moment with another. She shook her head slightly and rolled in the leaves of the lavender, deeply smelling the scent that reminded her of home. Not just any home, but Helidos. She shook her head once more and relaxed, she could finally call the pack her home. Of course from the moment she stepped to be accepted, she felt at ease and relaxed. She had been met at the border by Beta Juno, one whom had answered her call in the rain. Not just any rain, but a storm. Rose chuckled gently and recalled how soaked they had been as they ran into the camp. Of course Rose had been lucky enough to find an empty den and had claimed it as hers. She paused, smiling. She knew everything could change in just a moment. So you had to live life to the fullest and enjoy your time, for when your dead you may never return. Maybe the dead were wandering spirits, or they just weren't at all. She shook her white head and looked at her paws, swinging them back and forth in the air like a young pup. She studied them for a second and then moved to lay on her side. Watching the clouds and the lavender as the wind blew over them was amazingly beautiful.


Sisters in the grace. [Quinn] White_wolf_ii_by_croc_blanc
Sisters in the grace. [Quinn] CNDt45nSisters in the grace. [Quinn] 4V8MySpSisters in the grace. [Quinn] QdnOwrLSisters in the grace. [Quinn] DlDGhEK
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Sisters in the grace. [Quinn]

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