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Quinn The Quick

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Quinn Of Helidos
Quinn Of Helidos

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PostSubject: Quinn The Quick Quinn The Quick Icon_minitimeApril 26th 2014, 14:46

Name: Quinn

Gender: Female

Age: 5 years old

Pack: Helidos

Rank Requested: Any the Alpha sees fit.

This small female is mostly covered in white. Grey fur covers a majority of her back, while tans, creams, and browns swirl around his sides. Her auric hues glow brightly like a harvest moon against the dark nights' sky. Her tiny paws quickly move across the forest floor with ease, leaving no trace of her presence, aside from her scent. Her tail is fluffy and full, large enough to cover her shy face. She is built to run and frolic, muscles lean and fit. Quinn's fur is carefully groomed as she takes pride in her beauty. Her ears are large, especially for her small frame, giving her an advantage to approaching dangers. She is light on her paws, and holds herself in a respectable stance at all times.


Quinn The Quick 5ztu

Quinn The Quick Mi4a

Quinn, born to mother Kia and father Jace. She was born with two brothers and two sisters, who were much bigger than her. Quinn lived a normal life as the pup of the Betas. Her father was the right hand to long time alpha. Jace trained the pups the art of hunting, working as a pack, and above all else, survival. Her favorite part of the day, was laying with her father and listening to his stories as he was growing up. He had so many lovely tales, from the time he met her mother, to fighting the bear, the cougar, and tackling the moose. Quinn's father had the softest voice a male could ever have. It calmed her down and soothed her soul.

As she grew older and wiser among the pack, the alpha gave her a task. When the offspring of the pack were born, it would be her job to protect them and teach them as her father taught her. She gladly accepted the challenged and prepared herself for her future. There were currently no pups in the pack, but it wouldn't take long. The alphess would be expecting soon. The alphess walked slowly, laid down ofter, cleaned as much of her fur as possible, but mostly kept to herself.

In what seemed like no time at all, the pups were finally born. Seven strong and healthy pups laid beside the alphess as she licked their fur clean of blood and juices. Quinn was alerted to the birth and called to the alphess' side. As Quinn looked down at the litter, she couldn't help but to smile. The pups cried and yipped for their mother's milk. The pups seemed to grow quickly, not needing to be at their mothers side all the time. Now it was Quinn's turn to care for them and raise them.

Quinn had even dug out a den just for the pups and her to sleep. Before long, the pups started to walk and play. Their walking was soon replaced by dashes and sprints. They were quick, but not faster than Quinn. It helped that she possessed a love for the sport. On a beautiful summer day, the pups were at play, wrestling with each other and running out of the clearing. Quinn stayed close to them, watching the areas around them. Before she even realized it, they were completely out of the border. The pups raced one another until they came across a large cave-like structure. The most curious of the pups led the way closer and closer. "Darlings, come now. We must be going," she said to them. The pups did not listen. She raced before them and snarled viciously. Six of the pups listened to her snarling and anger in her voice. But the leader slipped under her belly and continued on his trail. His tail high above his back, flaring his courage and bravery amongst the others. Before Quinn could speak, a horrid scent swept across her nose. It tickled her nostrils, causing a nasty taste to appear in her mouth. "Oh no," she thought to herself. Her eyes glistened as tears started to build in her golden eyes. Did she risk the many for the one? Would any of them make it alive?

The young pup stopped a few inches into the entrance. He smelled something odd, hanging his little head close to the ground. A noise emitted from inside the dark and dreary dwelling. The pup froze, stiff as the trunk of a tree. A large dark figure appeared, snorts and grunts spewed from the jowls, baring white glistening fangs. As the paws crashed towards the ground with each step, it shook the pup. He slowly started to take steps backwards, heading for his keeper. The other pups whimpered quietly. Quinn sank to the ground, whispering directions to them, "run home quickly, but quietly. Now go." The pups did as she said, running back to the pack, never looking back.

As the giant beast neared the pup, it's nose shook frivolously, sniffing the little bundle of fur. It's black lips curled back, causing drool to drip along the floor. It dropped its head and gave a mighty roar. The bear stood on its hind legs, bringing it's massive paw down to strike the pup. Quickly Quinn rushed for the beast, biting onto the bear's arm. The bear roared as he turned his head to see the little wolf, clinging to his flesh and fur. He tossed his arm with such a strong force, it pulled her away from him. As Quinn flew through the air, her shoulder bashed into a tree, forcing her body to slide down the trunk and rest on the floor. Quinn did not move, only opened her eyes to watch the horrors unfold before her.

The pup whimpered and cried for Quinn, but there was nothing she could do. The bear stood, once again, on it's hind legs and brought down the furious claws. A loud cry was the last breath of the pup. Quinn closed her eyes, but her ears depicted it all. Crunching and gnawing sounds filled the forest. Ripping and tearing caused her ears to twitch and her skin to crawl. As the bear finished its snack, it looked to the weakened wolf and grunted, turning the opposite direction. Quinn laid still until she could no longer smell or hear the bear. She opened her eyes to find nothing of the pup but scraps. Her heart sank into her stomach as a sorrowful howl escaped her lips. Her eyes pinched closed, lifting her head, projecting her call.

Soon the pack was at her side. The alpha and group of males searched the area for the bear, but it was long gone. When they returned, Quinn laid in her same position, sad and heart-broken. As she told the tale of the pups wandering spirits, and the bravery of the leader, the alphess broke out in a long howl filled with pain and anguish. Her pup was dead and she could do nothing. The other wolves tried to make Quinn feel better, but as she laid and watched the alphess, she could no longer stay. She slowly stood to her feet, looked into the sad eyes of her father and dipped her head. "I am sorry," she said as she trotted out of the clearing. Some of her pack members followed her, but when she heard them behind her, she pushed her weakened body forward, faster than the rest. Quinn was gone, never to return to her pack.

Upon making her way to a new life, she wandered around the borders of Cedar Grove. While there, she ran into the very large and intimidating Elite, Kraven. He was very large, especially compared to her small size. His eyes were dark and deadly looking, she knew had he had taken lives before and was not a force to be reckoned with. Quinn had every intention to ask for the rank of Autay or even a Curadora, she did not wish to fight. But Kraven saw a great deal in her, something was special about her. And so, she was taken under his paw, forced to fight vigorously and encouraged to give her all every day. Quinn felt the sharp pains of his teeth and the jagged chill of his words. But nevermore, she continued to prove she was worth the effort to him.

In time, she began to love him. She adored him. Every time he forced a feeling of pain over her, she could only smile and accept it even more. She learned that he too loved her, he adored her. With time their love blossomed, but it did not amount to anything until he professed his love to her. She returned it of course and one day, Kraven asked Alphess dahlia if he could take on a mate, Quinn. Dahlia allowed the joining of the pair, having a mating ceremony, as well as a promotion for Quinn to the rank of Elite. Together, they patrolled the borders and allowed all kinds of wolves to enter Cedar Grove. Life was perfect and winter was coming soon. Quinn wanted nothing more than to share their den with a litter of pups, but misfortune would strike her once more.

Kraven disappeared late in the night. For weeks and months he was gone. Finally when he came back, he was a mess. He smelled strange and he acted even weirder. He told her of a plan he must do, of something he had to do before they could be happy together. In the late hours of night, he left once more. Quinn fell into a deep depression, she did not leave their den, trying to keep his memory and his scent strong in her mind. But as time went on, she did not patrol the borders or leave the den. More time passed and she grew weaker. she slipped out of her den at night, grabbing kills from the pile and eating them in her loneliness. Finally she knew it was time to leave her den, to rebuild what he had instilled in her, and move on. Quinn worked diligently on her frame, making her muscles move to their peak and even past it. She was not going to give up, not now, not ever.

Within weeks she was back to her old self, back to her Elite rank as she should be. But she was not able to live among Cedar trees any longer. His scent was all around her, his memories plastered over the leaves. It was everywhere. She went to the Alphess and requested she find a new place to live. Dahlia granted her the ability to rule over Maple Grove, knowing she would make a great Alphess, much like herself. And so, Quinn left Cedar Grove and was greeted by the Delta, Teren of Maple Woods. It was here she would continue her walk among the Haven, it is here she would come to call her home and find love once again.

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Steele of Erenyx

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Quinn The Quick

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