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Fishing for Some Fun (Finnick)

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Rogue Oltulysa
Rogue Oltulysa

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Fishing for Some Fun (Finnick) Empty
PostSubject: Fishing for Some Fun (Finnick) Fishing for Some Fun (Finnick) Icon_minitimeJuly 28th 2015, 16:16

Finally escaping the endless questions of her young Oltulysa gave her pups the job of collecting fresh moss for their den. With them occupied the fae was free to go out into the neutral to find some dinner for her little family. Growing tired of rabbits and birds she longed for a trout and hoped her young would appreciate its unique taste that she loved so much. However if they turned up their ungrateful noses she would happily eat their portions and not shed a tear. She chuckled to herself as she skipped to the lake in the neutrals. Before coming to it her demeanor changed and she smelled the air carefully, making sure no pack wolves were around to chase her out. Smelling nothing but stale coyote she ventured into the open carefully, her paws touching the earth very softly.

The lake was crisp and clear, aside from a few ripples the fish made. Near the edge a fallen tree lay some tn feet into the water, making the perfect spot to hunt for her prizes. Creeping out she carefully looked into the water, seeing her black beauties swimming about below her. Quick like a cat she snatched her maw into the water and latched onto a large trout. Holding tight she flung it back to shore and let it smack the ground with a hard thud. It struggled a bit then gave into its fate, making her grinning with pride. Trotting off her log she decided to "sample" her catch before getting another. For surely any doting mother would make she her children's food was edible before feeding it to them, right? Crunching through scales and bones she licked at the sweet fish blood, totally entranced by her snack.
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Fishing for Some Fun (Finnick)

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