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Sweet Tulie

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Autay Tulie
Autay Tulie

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PostSubject: Sweet Tulie Sweet Tulie Icon_minitimeMarch 1st 2016, 14:03

Name: Tulie (two-lee)

Gender: Female

Age: 3 Years

Breed: European

Height: 81 cm.

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Autay

Standing at 81 cm at the shoulder this young lady has a pleasantly muscular build. Her coat flows gracefully over her form. Its color a mixture of browns, blacks and a hint of white. Her eyes are a warm, light brown, of summer earth after a fresh rain. A sparkle of laughter and welcome twinkle in their deep pools when she gazes out at the world. Her strong slender legs carry her swiftly to the many destinations in mind with almost little trouble but for occasional stumbling. Her auds  are very expressive with her emotions, lifting when she is listening intently or in excitement. They lay against her dome in either sadness or respect. Her body quivers in extreme excitement. A smile can be seen most of the time upon her lips, either ghosting in appearance or in a full blown delighted grin. Tulie is usually in a relaxed almost carefree state as though she has her head in the clouds and a dreamy look upon her face.  

This girl is generally very friendly and outgoing. She always has a ready smile when she meets someone new and can sometimes get excited and speak rather fast. Though sometimes she acts like a pup she can be a mature, confidant adult when the situation calls for it. When she is put in charge of caring for pups her demeanor can change from a friendly positive fae to a protective mother in an instant. She has a soft spot for pups and would do anything to keep them from harm. She has an almost endless supply of patience in taking care of rowdy youngsters. Not only that she is a very trustworthy spirit that enjoys lending a helping paw. This girl is one of a few that prefer to keep the peace and talk things out first rather than go straight to bloodshed. Don't get her wrong nor mistake her gentle nature as weakness, if push comes to shove she would put up with one hell of a fight. But for all her ferocity in protecting the young, She can be somewhat of a klutz. Running and bumping into anything or anyone when she's not paying attention.



The life of the carefree fae began in a dark den on a stormy spring night. Born to a seldom playful father and an adoring mother of hunters, the tiny pup wriggled and squealed to her mother's teat amid her oldest brother, an other sister and a younger sister. Then, as with all newborn young, they pushed and shoved each other, jostling for the perfect place to suckle. They were the second of three litters of pups that would be born that spring, much to the Alpha pair's delight. The numbers of the pack were small, for they had just begun to scratch out their own territory, and extra mouths to feed was a hard business to protect and feed. But for all the hard work of extra hunting, the pups would grow and someday a few would stay and help out when a new little ones would be born. Months flew by and Tulie grew into a happy little pup, eager to please her parents and the adults of her home. Her heart swelled, joy putting a little jump in her step. When she was old enough to go off on her own for short periods she would sometimes take her little sister and they would romp by the stream. She was a curious little thing, always sticking her nose in places to find out what was there. A few times she stuck her nose in trouble, one time being a swarm of ground wasps chasing her all the way to a small pond because she had wanted to see the inside of their nest. From then on, when ever she heard a buzzing she would hunker down, close her eyes and tuck her tail in fear of the flying, stinging, insects.

But as the seasons blossoming one into another, so too did little Tulie blossom into a bright young lady. She was a fairly good hunter, but she preferred to spend most of her time with the new pups that came into the fold. Never had she been in her element than when she was with the pups. Her easy friendly nature could not be denied within her pack. She was well liked by most but a few had tried to take advantage of her generosity. One grey male in particular had caught her eye and she had fallen in love with him. But, he did not reciprocate her feelings in the same way, for he had his eye on not just her but another. It was her very close friend. A friend who was like another sister. At first, Tulie didn't really pay attention to the fact that he liked her friend more than herself. But as time passed, she did notice. She tried everything to keep his interest but it was waning.

Jealousy began to plant its seed in her heart. Greedily it sucked the happiness from her but by bit until she didn't even know who she was. One night, Tulie, her friend and the male were with a few others near the small pond. It had started as a friendly fighting competition between the boys while Tulie and her friend sat and watched. Her adrenaline rose, making her breath come faster as her excitement grew. When it was the male's turn, Tulie boldly stepped forward, defiantly proclaiming to the gathered wolves that she could best him. Smiling, the male had inclined his head, indulging her. They took their stances, and then lunged. The fight was swift. At one point the male grabbed her around the scruff of her neck, her fury raged out of control when she realized that he might win and she would be humiliated in front of everyone. Tulie rose to her hind legs, the male standing with her, but she had reared so fast that the momentum brought them crashing down onto their backs. The male hit his side non too gently on a large jagged root that had risen slightly from previous growth, bruising his side.

Rage coursed through her, giving her the energy to surge back to her feet. Her lips pulled back of their own accord, a ferocious snarl broke the friendly atmosphere. She was no longer in control of her actions. Her jealousy had grown over the months, barely kept in check for the sake of the pack. Now, the cage door was thrown wide open and all reason left her as the red hot haze filled her eyes. The male winced as he gained his feet, but Tulie lunged at him. Her shoulder rammed into his as her fangs sought his throat. She had caught him by surprise, caught everyone by surprise as they went down in a tangle of teeth and legs. Before she could deliver the killing bite, Tulie let go. She backed away, stunned horror clearly showed on her face at what she had done. Without another word, she turned her back on the stunned group and quickly walked away. Her trot turned into a jog, then a gallop as she sped away from her home, her loved ones, her friends.

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Example Post:
Shame. Shame filled her at what she had done. It consumed her. To loose control like that was an unforgivable act for herself. She had always prided herself on her self control. Her paws thudded the ground, carrying her farther and farther away from that horrible scene. Trees and brush slapped at her, their branches trying to grab her and pull her back but she broke their hold and kept going. If she had had tear ducts she would have cried. She could never go back, not with the shame she carried and not could she look upon her friend and the male without the jealousy again making itself known. Her heartbroken frustrated cry filled the dark woods around her, making birds leap from their nests in fright and fly away. She wasn't thinking straight as she ran. She didn't know where she was going only that she wanted to be anywhere but there.

Her lungs burned for breath, her paws aching to stop but she kept going. She ran through the night, flying over the ground. Finally, near dawn, she did stop. She collapsed onto her side, panting and whimpering. She stayed there sprawled upon the ground for a while. The breeze blew through the spring leaves, singing it's soothing melody as birds joined in. After a while she grew still, her side no longer heaving. She gathered herself under her and lifted her head to look around. The woods were different, she was no longer anywhere near her home, and she decided that she she would not go back. She would go live somewhere else. She would find a new home where no one knew who she was or the shame that she carried inside.

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Elite Nnlya
Elite Nnlya

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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Tulie Sweet Tulie Icon_minitimeMarch 3rd 2016, 18:56

Sweet Tulie R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Sweet Tulie

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