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Let Freedom Ring

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Let Freedom Ring Empty
PostSubject: Let Freedom Ring Let Freedom Ring Icon_minitimeJuly 4th 2016, 12:35

After much deliberation, seeing how passionate our members are for such a thing, and many other factors... We have decided to allow our members their freedom.

Starting now, 4 July 2016, same sex couples will be allowed on Age Of The Wolves. We have always been known as an accepting community, and we still need to be - now more than ever before. Indirectly, we have forced our members to think they are not loved, no matter what beliefs or feelings they have. For this, we both apologize. We do not want anyone to feel unwelcomed or biased against. We love each everyone of you for who you are.

I hope that with the changes, the site will come to an understanding and a rush of love for everyone. The last couple days have been rather rough for everyone, and we would appreciate that all just disappearing and going back to what we know and love from our community.

If there are any issues, problems, questions or concerns I ask that those COME TO ME. The point of your Staff is to be an ear to give direction and talk about things. It is ALWAYS okay for a member of the site to come speak to me.


Let Freedom Ring Dj660Bw

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Let Freedom Ring

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