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PostSubject: Arrelys Arrelys  Icon_minitimeDecember 26th 2015, 00:40

Name: Arrelys

Gender: Female

Age: 2 years, 8 months

Breed: Gray wolf

Height: 78 cm

Pack: Agavos

Rank Requested: Hunter.

Arrelys has light tanned fur with intense amber eyes that stand out the most in her body. Her coat gets a bit darker around her snout and back areas. Unlike most of her blood relatives, she has the most fur around her neck giving her mane a "tear drop" shape. Arrelys is slim and tall which gives her an elegant shape provided that her height is 78 centimeters. Her ears and paws are medium sized in relative to her body mass. The she wolf has powerful long legs that enable her to run distances using short amounts of time. She is also agile enough to maneuver over objects without much effort. The physique she has makes her an efficient hunter.  

Arrelys has an optimistic nature with feisty attitude. She thinks positive at all times and can't stand to be near pessimistic wolves. The she wolf feels as if everyone should live life to the fullest because she's no second life. This can link to her bold and adventurous side. She is willing to try new things and isn't afraid to take on challenges. Unfortunately, that is only hidden in the inside and only wolves who know her best understand her complicated personality. To acquaintances and enemies, she can be very bossy, sarcastic, and hot-headed. Arrelys has uncountable "pet peeves" and can be very hard to get along with, especially with arrogant wolves. She thinks they lack humbleness, logic, and can't get the differences between strengths and weaknesses. The biggest downfall she has is her stubbornness. Arrelys stands up for what is right and isn't afraid to own it, but she can be narrow minded at times. That trait also makes it hard for her to want to communicate with wolves whom she already had bad experiences with.


Arrelys  Arrely11

Arrelys was born along with her sister, Taffeta, in the den of the Cerago Tribe. Irene, their mother, and Arron, their father, were both betas of the tribe. Arrelys had the color of Irene’s mother, while Taffeta had inherited her fur color from both her parents, who were both white. At six months old, Arrelys began to feel left out. She often compared herself to her sister, who was “beautiful” and “dominant” in her parents’ eyes. Whenever she confronted them about the issue, she always received the same response. “The future leader of this tribe needs to be dominant and show leadership qualities,” claimed Arron.  It was only until her parents became alphas. She felt like their love for her was over. They were only focused on preparing Taffeta for her next rank.

At one year old, Arrelys and Taffeta began training with the current betas of the tribe at the time. They both received better hunting and battle training than the lower ranking wolves. Arrelys’s mentor, Taurami, insisted that higher ranked wolves needed to learn both hunting and battling skills. He believed that wolves with high ranks should stand out in the skills as well as leadership performance. The beta often pushed his apprentice to the limit. “The sky is the limit,” he often said. Day after day, Arrelys would return to her parent’s den exhausted yet full of knowledge. Taffeta would often tell Arrelys that she should try her best to look presentable even though she was tired. Angered by her sister’s arrogance, she got into a hissy fit.  Arrelys became tired of her parents and her sister’s ways. They often made her feel inadequate and pointed off her flaws as if she didn’t have their own. During the argument, Irene and Arron took Taffeta’s side, as usual. Arrelys fought the urge to run to away for good.

Over time, her life got worse. At two years old, Arrelys became more detached from her parents. Since she was fully grown, she was allowed to do anything she wanted as long as she followed the tribe rules. It gave her the chance to avoid her parents and sister at all costs. She was really sick of them. In the summer, the tribe came across another tribe, the Argobo Tribe. The Argobo tribe had proposed a deal to the Cerago Tribe, which was highly unusual. Because the new tribe had issues finding prey in their territory far away, they wanted to blend tribes. “We are all similar to each other. Why can’t we make ourselves stronger as a whole?” Adair, the tribe leader, said to Arron. “This territory has more prey than our wolves combined.” Just then, Irene and Taffeta appeared in front of Adair and his son, Vytas. The wolves in the Argobo tribe were stunned by Taffeta’s beauty, particularly Adair. Taking note of it, Arron agreed to blend in tribes if Taffeta and Vytas became mates.

At the tribe meeting, Arrelys stood to the side of Taffeta. In special meetings, Arrelys and Taffeta along with the betas would stand next to Irene with their tails up to exert their dominance over the tribe. Arron announced that Taffeta and Vytas would have their mateship arranged by the fall. The meeting was followed up by a social gathering between the two tribes. When Arrelys tried to escape the camp for space, she bumped into Vytas. She despised him almost immediately. Vytas was so full of himself and yet he never managed to peak her interest. He noticed her dislike in him and he retaliated by calling her a cur. That was it. Arrelys managed to knock him over and began biting his face. Getting a hold of himself, he threw her off and threatened to kill her. Angry and scared for her life, she ran away without a goodbye. Arrelys was fed up of being treated as if she was nothing despite being a wolf with higher rank. She couldn’t handle her tribe’s ways anymore. She no longer cared for Taffeta, Irene, or Arron. Arrelys went to find a better pack, somewhere where she could be herself.

Joining Keys: Member posted the keys... You know the rest... - Alpha Teren

How did you find Age? Months ago, Healer Keoni invited me here. :3

Example Post:
“Let me be!” Arrelys spat at the wolf in front of her. “I knew it! I knew it!”

“Arrelys, I’m sorry. I-I had to,” Jacob cried. “It was for us!”

“What did I have to with this?” Arrelys growled. “Oh Lupus, tell me that I hunted the hare one more time and I’ll fight you!” She gazed at the wolf in front of her with contempt. Jacob and she were friends since she left her birth pack months ago. They were both lone wolves and shared a passion for hunting. Of all the fights, this was the worst.

“I was hungry—

We are both hungry! Darn it Jacob, you always think about yourself. If we are going to continue to share our kills, at least tell me when you’re going to eat it all. For Lupus sake, I hunted it without your help and you ate it all without mines.” Arrelys watched her friend bust into a pit of laughter. She raised her one brow and took a step closer. “What is so funny?”

“You! The way you said your last sentence,” Jacob rolled into his belly and continued to laugh.

Arrelys huffed and sat down. Her stared at her friend down like a hawk while flicking her tail simultaneously. He’s such a dolt, she thought indignantly. In minutes, she got tired of looking at him. The tan wolf stood up and began to walk away.

Jacob paused and looked up at the leaving she wolf. “Hey, where are you going?”

Arrelys didn’t even bother to answer his question. She needed to be alone…for the third time of the day. With both of them merely starving, life was getting harder. Her temper had gotten worse, while her friend remained an idiot. That was not a great combination. The she wolf needed her partner to think more often, especially in those situations. Since their time of hunger, Jacob’s hunting performance declined enough to the point that hunting with him was pointless. When Arrelys first met Jacob, he was robust and very athletic. She was quick enough to catch prey and injure it before her partner caught up to put it down. They matched perfectly. Now, he looked like a branch from a coniferous tree. His bones literally stood out of his fur. Reaching her destination, the she wolf stopped and sat down beside the makeshift den they made together.

What if I’m being too hard on him? Arrelys thought to herself as she began to think of the times they had together. He knows of my feistiness, but he still chooses to hang around me… She didn’t know how he managed to stick with her. From all of the arguments they had, she thought that he would’ve been gone by now.  Then something popped in her mind. Right! He was abandoned by his tribe before he reached two years old. Maybe he didn’t want to feel lonely again? Duh! Arrelys shook her head wondering why she didn’t think of that.  Just then, she spotted a brown colored wolf heading towards her direction with a hare in its jaws. It took her a while to realize that the wolf was Jacob. “Jacob?!”
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PostSubject: Re: Arrelys Arrelys  Icon_minitimeDecember 27th 2015, 20:09

Arrelys  R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
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- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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