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Lost Boy [Private]

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Twelve of Helidos
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PostSubject: Lost Boy [Private] Lost Boy [Private] Icon_minitimeJune 7th 2016, 09:51

Days had blurred into nights and back again, time a mystical creature now lost to the earthen coloured brute. Paws moved aimlessly across lush grasses and amber gaze now hollowed and empty would remain downcast and lost. His thoughts were muddled and difficult to make sense of and each step he took left his weary body wearier. He didn't belong anywhere anymore, a simple being drifting through space. He was still technically a member of Helidos but he hadn't returned to the pack lands since his meeting with Breeze and Desmond, how long ago had that been? He knew it had been the start of Spring but what time of the year was it now...? He lifted his dull gaze to the lush life everywhere and was faintly aware of the heat resting upon his back. All this suggested Summer maybe? Late Spring? Who even knew. He had no idea where he was right now but it was a land that wasn't inhabited by fellow wolves and that was good enough for him. The terrain had been steadily getting rockier and harder to travel on with each passing day yet still he carried on forwards for that had become his whole life. Moving forward in search of a purpose, turning back would leave him as good as dead. The breeze was stronger here and it tugged at the tips of his fur, he liked it. It seemed to be trying to drag layers of pain and confusion from him and blow it away but if only it were that easy. In the end it seemed pain always won, your whole life was just spent running from negativity and trying to find happiness but was it even worth it? The pain always caught up, always threatened to drown you...sometimes you tripped at the wrong time and got swept into it and couldn't escape. Why wait for that to happen? What was the bloody point. He thought of his parents, their love for each other causing them to defy all yet possibly ruining both their lives and the lives of their offspring. Was it karma? Was life really that cruel that they were punished for following their hearts rather than following rules set down for centuries.

Their disobedience had resulted in wolves looking the same outside but supposedly being cursed on the inside with dirty blood...heck maybe it was true. His parents both proceeded to be brutally murdered in different ways and his siblings all suffered the same faith. Yet he'd lived, why? Why keep him alive just to cause him so much suffering that he wished he lay with his deceased family. Why had he gotten the worst punishment of all? Was he just being kept alive to kill at the right moment? He'd suddenly come to a dead end, the trail he'd chosen having ended where it fell away and left a steep cliff face. He was up high, mountain still stretching far ahead to one side but to the other he got a clear view of the lands he'd left behind. After his family he'd found the border of Helidos. Elite Eclipse had greeted him and took him in when he'd been hurt and dying. Quinn had accepted him as a healer of her pack and then a warrior after he was caught in a fight with an erenyx wolf. But he'd left her when hearing of a new pack, even though he'd had no problems with Helidos but his heart was never content even in Agaovs. Desmond had also been fair and a good leader. And then there'd been dear Breeze...his only true friend. But after hearing Quinn had died his guilt riddled self had returned to Helidos to try and make up for not being there to protect her from here enemies. Then Rose after taking him back had also perished...and then Desmond and Breeze had been disgusted by his mere existence...His eyes squeezed shut and he took another step forward so that his creamy paws clutched the edge of his path. Where did he go now? What did it mean when the way forward was gone...he couldn't go back, he couldn't! Like a rabbit catching sight of its predator he froze in complete terror. His mind was whirring away, slight insanity pricking at him as he stood flustered on the deadly edge. A few stones, disturbed by his movements, fell from the edge and went tumbling through the air where they seemed to hang for a few long seconds before hitting the rocky bottom far below.

He panted heavily, anger burning through him. If only he'd found Teren, why had his paws led him here? What was the point of this! He'd been supposed to challenge the demon himself surely. If not then had his whole life really been pointless? Was his existence really a mistake? Crumpling in on himself, Twelve sat crouched on the hot stony ground. Even his name wasn't real, a mere tag used to point out his differences. He wanted to find Breeze, she'd know what to do...if it killed him to find her he would, he had to. He missed her so much, she was his best friend. He loved her....shock and realization came over him. He loved her. Maybe he could convince her that he could be fixed with her help, maybe she was supposed to be the reason he'd lived. That might be why he hadn't found Teren. He pushed himself to his paws shakily, slowly turning...could he go back? As if to give him an answer, a terrible groan sounded from beneath him and before another thought could enter his mind the ground beneath him crumbled and suddenly ceased to exist. There was a moment of pure terror and realization before he was falling. Air whipped past him, stealing it from his lungs as gravity acted to pull him down to his demise. You can't turn back...once you've made your decision it stayed with you forever. He only got to picture the Delta's face once more before his body hit the rocks with a sickening crunch that signaled the end of his life. He thought he caught the familiar scent of his long lost family wafting around him before his broken body failed him and he fell into a deep eternal sleep. Finally he was at rest.

R.I.P Scout Twelve.
May you find the peace you craved and finally belong in the Neverland you have found.


Lost Boy [Private] Wolf_Wis_T1212_Tala_14
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Lost Boy [Private]

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